How the whistling project came about?

It was a mid summer day in 2013 when I went visiting a gallery in an industrial area at Kwun Tong in Hong Kong. I heard whistling tunes all the way from the metro station to the gallery. It was a weak sound from far, but sharp and light. It passed through so many alleys through the busy streets to reach my ear. I had no clues where it was coming from.

When I walked down from the exhibition space (around 40 minutes later), I still heard that whistling, which suddenly became very close and loud, and the tune was Chinese national anthem. Finally I saw a man whistling at the parking space of the industrial building which created strong echo and amplified the sound. He was a passionate whistler, he told me that he was well known in the area that sometimes he even got request by the neighbor to whistle certain songs. I called him Master Fung and that encounter marked the starting point of the Whistling Project.

(Research in progress, whistling interviews were done in Germany, France, Switzerland and Norway)

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