The Whistling Project is stationed at Copenhagen, Denmark from 1 - 26/10/2014

With support from Christiania Researcher in Residence

(box-bike as meeting point, a mobile whistling station)

The Whistling Project was stationed at Bergen, Norway in summer 2014

The Whistling Project is a performative research initiated by Susi Law from fall 2013, she interviewed whistlers she came across and collected whistling sound in different cities in Germany, Switzerland, France and Norway. By invitation from curator Gitte Sætre, the project stationed at Alvøen (one of the oldest industrial communities which became one of the finest residential areas) with interactions between the local residents and the nature by private/ public whistling moments.

The month-long project "Whistle for Alvøen" begins at Alvøen Culture Day* and last for the whole month in June. Susi Law set up a few whistling stations in Alvøen, and collected stories and whistling tunes in the air.

Location: the museum garden of Alvøen Manor
Address: Alvøveien 150, 5179 Godvik, Bergen, Norway
Whistling station 1: June 1st, 12.00 - 16.00
Whistling station 2 & 3: June 8th, 12.00 - 16.00

*Alvøen Culture Day -

How the project came about