Wind Ensemble – playing with the wind collectively

Wind Ensemble is a group of people who like to use wind as a material. We pay attention to the moving air around us, work on different ways of capturing, visualizing, and playing with the wind. We show our observations and interpretation of wind in form of performance and exhibition.

Wind touches upon our face, hands the whole body, it goes into our ear, our nose, and breaks into our home through windows or ventilation system everyday. It is highly accessible yet unpredictable. Wind Ensemble takes the ephemerality of the wind as an advantage to navigate around the invisible dimension of our world.

Members: Anna Birk, Karen Eide Bøen, Marit Tunestveit Dyre, Sofie Jansson, Susi Law, Camilla Renate Nicolaisen, Egil Paulsen, Asa Shimada and Mirjam Raen Thomassen.

List of wind-works:
- Performances with installation by Wind Ensemble
- Buckle up Dorothy by Egil Paulsen
- Lenitive Air by Camilla Renate Nicolaisen
- A false sense of freedom by Marit Tunestveit Dyre
- Bodies are blowing. mindblowing by Anna Birk
- The instruments by Susi Law

*Wind Ensemble was found in the fall 2012 by Susi Law with Sofie Jansson.
Debut performance at Bergen Academy of Art and Design on 11/12/2012
Performance and exhibition at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall on 6/5/2013