Soups and Stories was held at 7pm to 8pm on 26/10/2012 in the music pavilion in Bergen City Park

Visual artist Katrine Meisfjord, in collaboration with Kuratorsamvirket Radiator by Gitte Sætre, has invited two people living in Bergen, to share a story with an audience. The storytellers are Susi Law and Ali Watti. The artists set up an intimate atmosphere where the storytellers will share personal stories about how events in the society where they live, or used to live, affected them. Through their stories, they show us how these events led them to take part in social action, as a protest or reaction to these events.

For this occasion, the music pavilion has been isolated with see through material, to protect against wind and rain. A videoartist, Adriana Alves, has been invited to project a video of a tree onto one of the see through walls.

Soup was served along the stories.