Pictures Looking for Homes
Gift-giving for you and me

Susi Law, an artist/ curator is looking for homes for her most valuable photographs - a selection of 15 out of 30,000+ images she has been taking in Norway since she moved there in August 2011, for her Master's study at the Bergen Academy.

Apart from being an artist/ curator, she is also an active listener, a caretaker and a sincere neighbor who enjoys the act of sharing. In this project, she investigates how an image can flow between herself and others, to generate a meeting point. She first shows the pictures by setting up a showroom in the city centre, introducing people to the pictures and the project. Interested participants have to decide the size of the picture and prepare the frame for it, also give information such as location, date for setting up, and brief reason for choosing that picture.

The 15 pictures reveal Susi’s perspective as an outsider/ foreigner living in Bergen, at the same time as a local art student/ resident. The pictures carry a sense of coziness and softness, with some unfamiliar perspectives and unnoticed details. She introduces some other possible ways for looking at the city, or simply sensing our surroundings.

By doing this, Susi explores together with the public the act of participation in art and reconsiders what art making and aesthetic experience means today (and tomorrow).

*Free for all and first-come-first-served.


1. Pick a picture
2. Fill in the form
3. Get the frame ready (old or new frame)
4. Appointment for set up (March 7th – 28th, 2013)
5. Live with the picture

The show room is open every day 12 - 6pm until 28/2/2013 at GalleriBokboden outside Marken 37, Bergen.

story published at Bergen Tidende on 19/3/2013 >>>read here
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