exhibiting sedimentation from Pictures Looking for Homes at Bergen Kunsthall on 12/4 - 5/5/2013

set up a scene combining of elements below:

on left wall (suggested entrance)
- a fact sheet of date, location, size, frame description, spot of hanging the picture, reason of choosing the picture...etc.
- a list of old picture/poster being replaced by my picture with quote from related conversation (a b/w childhood photo, a Dali’s poster, and a poster of Norwegian Lambs & wool)
- a constellation-like mapping points, showing where the pictures were located, projected on wall by slide projector as dots of lights (home visited) with marked numbers underneath

on middle wall
- “souvenirs” picked from the homes and way to/from the homes
- short note/story written on the walls by each souvenir
- sound on headphone 1: a sound recorded from a frozen lake after “the 2nd home”

alt : http://unexpectedworks.com/files/fl.mp3

on right wall
- an empty frame with a tagline written next to it
- “Every Thursday 6:30pm -> Stories to be told; Pictures to be shown” as promotion
- the 35mm slide projector on top of a round table, above some Norwegian books on nature and fish species
- a tiny picture of a peeking hole on the door, from one of the homes. with hand written quoted short conversations with participants
- a returned gift from one of the participant, packed with a fancy patterned golden bag, with sparkling wine and chocolate inside

in general
- homey set up with old furnitures, plants, carpet, tea table, lamp.
- on the desk in the middle with Japanese tealeaves and books - Dream Politics, Who Cares? - 16 essays on curating in Asia, On Solitude and a Norwegian-English Dictionary
- sound on headphone 2 & 3 by the table: a story I read and recorded regarding the experience from “the 10th home” (10mins of soft voice)
- dimmed lighting in quiet room
- requested exhibition space with low ceiling and at the end of the room